Want to grow faster in New World – Lets Help you with it

Before telling the tricks to grow faster in the game, let us first tell you about the new game world.

What about the story? You are the explorer of the island of Aeternum, the mysterious place that attracted many travelers in the past. The main source of interest for you is a substance called azote. It can only be found on this island, and its characteristics make it the most desirable resource in the New World. However, Azoth also spoils the creatures that interact with him.

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This is the reason why our hero fights against some of the evil factions in Aeternum. There are four PvE groups of enemies present in the game.
Lost – These are the bodies of former explorers who searched for adventure and glory on Aeternum. Traditionally, encounters with them are completely random because this is a faction with no particular purpose.
The ancients– Aeternum is an island with a long history. Players will see amazing pyramids and other architectural masterpieces while carrying out another interesting mission. All of them were built by the previous civilization that inhabited Aeternum. The ancients would be hostile to our players and anyone trying to steal nitrogen from their land.
Rotten– As mentioned, these creatures are part of the cult that is driven by the corrupting power of Azoth. They plan to invade every player a fortress built within their faction’s settlements. We’ll talk about it separately, but for now, you should remember that the best New World promotion service will not allow you to deal with this in-game threat on your own.
Angry Earth– Apparently nature is trying to pull the adventurous factions out. As our players cultivate resources and deplete the land of Aeternum, Angry Earth’s motivation is quite clear.

Aeternum is full of different landscapes that can be found in fourteen regions. Each location has unique resources that are necessary for crafting. Zones are designed for great time travel, but if you prefer to use fast travel mechanics, they are also in the New World.

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