Top Funny 40th Birthday Party Games

There comes a time in life when birthdays transcend simple cake and candles. When hitting the big 4-0, it’s a celebration of life’s tapestry woven over four decades. At this juncture, with friends and family gathering to rejoice, games aren’t just for fun – they’re a conduit of memories, laughterand creating moments that last. Let’s delve into the masterpieces of 40th birthday party games, carefully curated for your cinematic life’s event.

Top 40th Birthday Party Games:

1. Birthday Trivia:

The film of life is filled with trivia bits of information and anecdotes. The Birthday Trivia game brings those memories to the forefront, turning the snippets of a life lived into an engaging challenge for guests.

What You’ll Need:

– A list of questions related to the birthday person’s life.

– Pens and paper for each participant.

– A prize for the winner.

How to Play:

– Before the party, prepare a set of questions about the birthday person. This can range from their favorite color as a child to their first job.

– As the game starts, hand out the questionnaires to each guest.

– The guests will then attempt to answer each query.

– Once completed, the answers are revealedand the individual with the most correct answers emerges victorious.

 2. Birthday ABCs:

Every epic story has its lexicon. In Birthday ABCs, the celebrant is the story. Dive deep into the adjectives that describe the star of the show.

What You’ll Need:

– Alphabet cards or papers with letters A-Z.

– Pens for each player.

How to Play:

Hand out the alphabet cards or papers to guests.

– Challenge them to come up with a descriptive word for the birthday individual for each letter.

– The birthday person then gets the delightful task of voting for the most fitting or hilarious descriptors.

3. Cake-A-Gories:

A twist on the classic, Cake-a-Gories infuses the energy of Scattergories into a birthday setting, turning the mundane into moments of suspense and hilarity.

What You’ll Need:

– Category lists (related to birthdays or the honoree).

– A timer.

– Pens and papers for participants.

How to Play:

– Assign a letter of the alphabet to be the chosen letter.

– Give participants a category; they must then think of words related to the birthday or honoree starting with that letter.

– The game proceeds in rounds, each with a new letter or category.

– The birthday star gets the privilege of selecting the most innovative answers.

4. Word Scramble:

In the cinema of life, some moments are like twisted plots waiting to be unraveled. Word Scramble emulates this, adding an element of mystery and challenge.

What You’ll Need:

– Pre-scrambled words related to the birthday person.

– Answer sheets.

– Pens for participants.

How to Play:

– Distribute the scrambled words among guests.

– The objective is to decipher these words in the least time.

– The first participant to correctly unscramble all words claims the title of the word maestro.

5. What’s in your Phone:

In today’s digital age, our phones carry fragments of our stories. This game captures those fragments, turning them into a quest that bridges generations.

What You’ll Need:

A list of common and uncommon phone items or apps.

– Pens and papers for scoring.

How to Play:

– Hand out the list to attendees.

– They will then scour their phones for the listed items.

– Points are allocated based on the rarity of items. The participant with the most points reigns supreme.


Turning 40 is not just about marking another year. It’s about celebrating the rich tapestry of memories, experiencesand relationships formed over four decades. Through these games, not only do we get a chance to walk down memory lane but also to create new memories that will be cherished for decades to come. As the credits roll on this spectacular event, ensure that it’s filled with moments of joy, reflectionand heaps of laughter. Lights, camera, celebrate!

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