Top 20 Funny Adult Outdoor Party Games

Outdoor parties are like the open-air cinemas of social gatherings  there Is just something refreshing and liberating about them. With the vast expanse of sky above and the feel of grass or sand beneath, the spirit is set for fun, and games are the classic method of keeping the energy high. At Kombi Keg, we’ve always believed that the magic of movies can be likened to that of party games. So, let’s look at the scene-setting essentials that can transform your adult outdoor party into an Oscar-worthy experience.

20 Funny Adult Outdoor Party Games:

1. Charades: The Silent Storytelling

Everyone’s favorite act-out-the-title game.

How To Play :

  • Form two teams.
  • Each team writes down movie titles or phrases on individual slips of paper.
  • Players take turns drawing a slip and acting it out without words.
  • Teams guess the title or phrase. The more guesses, the more fun!

2. Giant Beer Pong: The Bigger, the Better

A supersized version of the college classic.

How To Play :

  • Set up large tubs or storage bins in a triangle formation.
  • Stand at a considerable distance and aim to toss lightweight volleyballs into the tubs.
  • Score according to which cup the ball lands in. Play until all cups are hit.

3. Corn Hole: Aiming for Stardom

Precision and aim are key in this classic.

How To Play :

  • Place corn hole boards at a distance.
  • Players take turns tossing bean bags, aiming for the hole.
  • Score points for every bag that goes through. Highest score wins.

4. Tug of War: The Dramatic Pull

A timeless battle of strength and teamwork.

How To Play :

  • Create two teams.
  • Hold a long rope between the teams.
  • The goal is to pull the opposing team past a marked line. Ready, set, pull!

5. Giant Jenga: Towering Tensions

A test of balance, strategy, and nerves.

How To Play :

  • Stack the giant Jenga blocks in sets of three, in alternating directions.
  • Players take turns removing a block from anywhere below the topmost layer and balancing it on top.
  • The game ends when the tower collapses. Whoever made the last successful move before the fall wins.

6. Bocce: The Gentleman’s Roll

A European classic where precision is the name of the game.

How To Play :

  • Players take turns rolling their bocce balls towards a smaller target ball called the pallino.
  • The objective is to have your balls closest to the pallino by the end of the round. Measure if necessary!
  • Tally scores over multiple rounds to determine the ultimate winner.

7. Kan Jam: Flying to Victory

Frisbee meets target practice.

How To Play :

  • Set up two Kan containers at a distance.
  • Teams of two players try to throw or deflect the frisbee into the Kan.
  • Different points are awarded based on how the frisbee lands or is deflected. Highest score after a set number of rounds wins.

8. Drunk Waiter: A Balancing Act

It’s not just about holding your drink, but also not spilling it!

How To Play :

  • Participants have a tray full of drinks.
  • The challenge? Walk from one end to another without spilling.
  • Those who spill must take a sip before continuing. The fastest and the most stable waiter wins.

9. Outdoor Twister: A Colorful Tangle

Flexibility and balance take center stage in this vibrant classic.

How To Play :

  • Mark the ground with colorful circles in rows, using tape or spray paint.
  • Spin the Twister spinner or call out commands for guests to place a hand or foot on a particular color.
  • The game continues until only one person remains standing without falling.

10. Backyard Mini Golf: The Whimsical Putt

Navigate intricate obstacles in this light-hearted golfing game.

How To Play :

  • Set up mini golf courses using garden items as obstacles.
  • Players take turns trying to putt a ball into the goal using as few strokes as possible.
  • Score by counting the strokes. Fewest strokes across all holes wins.

11. Kubb: The Viking Chess

A Nordic game of strategy and skill.

How To Play :

  • Set up wooden blocks or Kubbs, and the King in a specific formation.
  • Teams take turns throwing wooden batons to knock over the opponent’s Kubbs.
  • The aim is to knock all the Kubbs and then the King without the opponent doing so first.

12. Giant Noughts & Crosses: Battle on a Grand Scale

A large-scale version of the strategy game we all know and love.

How To Play :

  • Set up a giant grid, either drawn on the ground or using ropes.
  • Players take turns placing their giant nought or cross in an attempt to get three in a row before the opponent.

13. Four Square Volleyball: A Bouncing Duel

A fusion of the schoolyard favorite and volleyball.

How To Play :

  • Draw a large square and divide it into four smaller squares.
  • Players stand in each square and the game starts by bouncing a ball to another player’s square.
  • The objective is to keep the ball bouncing between squares without letting it fall.

14. Classic Frisbee Game

The classic Frisbee game shines brighter as night falls.

How To Play :

  • Get a Frisbee that illuminates in the dark.
  • Set up goals, such as buckets or laundry baskets, at a distance.
  • Players take turns tossing the Frisbee aiming to land it inside the goal. Assign points for each successful toss, and the highest scorer at the end wins

15. Giant Beer Pong: Super-Sized Shots

The university favorite scaled up for an adventurous outdoor game.

How To Play :

  • Instead of regular cups, use large containers or buckets and place them in the usual triangle formation.
  • Lightweight volleyballs replace the classic ping pong balls.
  • Players or teams throw the balls, aiming to land them in the opponent’s containers. The game goes on until one side has all their buckets filled.

16. Pin the Tail on the Donkey: A Blindfolded Classic

An age-old party game of precision and prediction.

How To Play :

  • Hang up a large picture of a donkey without its tail.
  • Blindfold players and hand them a tail with some sticky material.
  • Spin them around a few times and then let them try to pin the tail in its rightful place. The closest attempt wins!

17. Garden Bowling: A Lane in Nature

Bowling takes to the outdoors with a rustic twist.

How To Play :

  • Set up a makeshift lane using garden hoses.
  • Arrange pins (or tin cans) at the end of the lane.
  • Players take turns bowling, aiming to knock over as many pins as possible. Tally the scores after everyone’s had their go.

18. Ring Toss: The Loop of Precision

A test of accuracy and angle.

How To Play :

  • Plant stakes in the ground or use bottles as the targets.
  • Provide players with rings, either made of plastic or rope.
  • Players toss the rings trying to loop them around their target. Different stakes or bottles can have different point values.

19. Party Card Games: When Cards Speak Louder

A more relaxed setup for those who prefer sitting and strategizing.

How To Play :

  • Spread out card games like Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme.
  • Players draw and play cards, aiming to come up with the funniest, most outrageous or clever combinations.
  • These games usually have their own scoring system, so follow the instructions and let the hilarity ensue!

20. Giant Connect Four: Connect on a Colossal Scale

A tactical game that requires foresight and strategy.

How To Play :

  • Set up the giant Connect Four board.
  • Players take turns placing their colored disks into the slots.
  • The objective is simple: be the first to get four of your colored disks in a row, be it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.


Just as every movie is composed of scenes that enthrall, excite, and engage, so should your party be. The key is to choose the right mix of games that cater to the tastes of your audience – your guests. Just as a film director carefully selects every scene, every dialogue, and every actor, so must you, as a party planner, meticulously pick the games that resonate with your party’s theme and the preferences of your attendees.

At the end of the day, both movies and parties are about experiences. They’re about creating memories that will be discussed, shared, and cherished for years to come. So, the next time you host an outdoor party, remember to make it award-worthy. Your guests, after all, deserve nothing but a blockbuster evening!

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