Top 15 Girls Party Games – Best Party games

Girls Party Games Fun woman shut eye birthday celebration video games are a need to for a sleepover birthday celebration Time for giggles, junk meals and snoozing luggage.

Girls Party Games Slumber events are an undying subculture for girls and their buddies to chortle, proportion, and bond. They have been answerable for many magical in a single day transformation from sort of pals to great friends.

Here is an extremely good series of slumber birthday celebration games to get the amusing started! Let me recognize if you understand of any to feature to the listing.

These are our favourite video games for women birthday parties and are perfect to play at a birthday celebration or sleepover/shut eye birthday celebration.

All girls have to sit down in a circle with their purse. Then, absolutely everyone bypasses the purse human beings to the left. Look inside the purse you received and pull out the maximum humorous item you find and make up the high-quality cause you may think of for her to be carrying the item around in her purse.

Go around the circle so anybody has a turn. Then, bypass the purses extra humans to the left. Reach inside and pull out the only object in the purse that maximum represents its owner and tell why.

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

1: Foil Fashion – Girls Party Games

Aluminium foil is used to create models in this unique get dressed up the game – find out who can create and design the quality or most creative outfit from just foil.  Fun sport and girls clearly like making crazy looking garments!

Play on teams or let the girls design their very own creations and version the outfits themselves.  Give every lady 1 or 2 large rolls of foil.  Pass out portions of ribbon, string or rubber bands to assist the girls to make the clothes live on in case you choose.   Using the foil have the women create and form the most fantastic clothing they could.

Anything may be made for the getting dressed up recreation from the foil consisting of skirts, shorts, blouses, pants, tank tops, sun shades, excessive heels, turn flops, hats, wigs, tiaras, rings, jewellery, jewellery, belts and more.

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

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2: Nail Polish Song – Girls Party Games

This sport puts a girly twist to the game of “Hot Potato”.   Sit in a circle and give a pretty bottle of nail polish to the birthday woman.  While singing the song skip the bottle across the circle.  When the verse is over the girl retaining the bottle opens it and paints one among her nails.

Then start the music again and hold passing the nail polish and playing the game until someone has all of her fingernails painted.  You can deliver out prizes or simply have a laugh making a song along.

Here is one model of the track … You could effortlessly make it in shape your daughters call and age with touch creativity.   “Happy Birthday to Mary (birthday girls call) … We’re so satisfied she’s eight – e, so we may want to come and play- e.  Happy Birthday, Mary!  Thanks, Roslyn from Indiana for the tremendous idea!

3: Drama Bag Game – Girls Party Games

Make several drama bags by way of placing five or 6 exclusive items in numerous big buying bag.  Separate into groups of 3 or 4 and provide teams with each a bag.  Have the groups go to separate rooms and provide you with a skit the use of the things within the bag to perform for the alternative groups. Each crew receives 10 mins to create their skit. Variation –   Instead of doing a skit have the ladies make up music or business.

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

4: Blind Trust Make Over Game – Girls Party Games

How a lot do you accept as true with your pals?  A  laugh game for ladies in which one individual does the makeup of another man or woman … Even as blindfolded!  One woman wears a blindfold and the makeup is laid out in front of her.  Have every other lady sit down properly in the front of the only who’s blindfolded.

The blindfolded player then attempts to put makeup on the alternative lady whilst everybody else watches.  When finished the only who has on make-up receives to be blindfolded and the subsequent woman in line sits down till all people gets a turn.

5: WACKY BAG – Girls Party Games

Fill a bag full of all forms of wacky costume props and cool objects you may put on. It can be oversized sunglasses, silly teeth, boas, floppy hats, clip-on earrings, lipstick, and many others… The extra items are better. Now have the children skip the bag around even as the track is gambling ( like in the conventional warm potato game).

When the track stops, whoever is holding the bag has to reach in and pull out an object and positioned it on. This maintains till all of the items are long past from the bag. It is a fantastic silly game in an effort to elicit lots of giggles and hilarious photo ops.

Bev Holt from Colorado Springs Adds: For older kids, having a few absolutely embarrassing stuff in there like a DDD bra, Dad’s tighty whities, a jock strap, mother’s suit, and so on, is a hoot! Play till the field is empty then take heaps of images.

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

6: YUMMY TREASURE HUNT – Girls Party Games

I created this printable treasure hunt recreation for one in all my daughters shut eye events. The ladies needed to comply with clues to study and locate all the elements for the “secret recipe” Each clue changed into a rhyme, riddle, or puzzle that could cause them to a specific element and the next clue.

The very last clue cause the hidden recipe and once observed they may use it to create a delicious treat. Depending on their age you may need to help out or supervise. Click on my Baker’s treasure hunt game. Link to get extra info and print it out on your shut-eye birthday celebration game.


This is a classic lady sport. Paper fortune cookies (also called cootie catchers) are clean to create from a normal piece of paper. I have included a youtube video on how to create a paper fortune cookie, due to the fact it’s for a whole lot less difficult to discover ways to make one through looking then looking to kind out commands.

Most in all likelihood someone at the party already knows how to make one. Once your paper fortune cookie is completed you may fill it with stupid or humorous “fortunes” and play. Girls for a while have cherished this paper craft.

8: BLIND MAKEOVERS – Girls Party Games

Another hilarious game is the blindfolded makeover. This is where the girls pair off and one girl from each pair gets blindfolded. They must then attempt to give their partner a makeover using basic makeup products such a lipstick, blush, etc.

After about 10 – 15 minutes call time and reveal the makeovers to both the giver and the receiver. Switch places and play again. You can decide whether you want to give out prizes for best, wildest, etc

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

9: SLEEPING BEAUTY – Girls Party Games

In this sport one woman fake like she is snoozing for one minute at the same time as the other girls do their pleasant to get her to chuckle, smile, or open her eyes. They can do something they are able to consider so long as they don’t touch her.

If she makes it through the minute she receives the label of napping beauty or a small prize. If she doesn’t she can choose the subsequent participant to “sleep”

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

10: TRUE LOVE’S KISS – Girls Party Games

This game is performed similar to pin the tail at the donkey beside as opposed to tails the ladies lather up their lips with lipsticks, and in place of a donkey, you hand a poster of a lovable boy icon. Justin Beiber and Rob Patterson are normally used.

If the sport is being played by using definitely younger ladies you could select rather use an image of a frog prince. Blindfold each lady, spin her round some instances and tell her to pucker up. Mark every lady’s initials next to her kiss print. The closest one to land at the posters lips wins.

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

11: Eye on the Prize Game – Girls Party Games

Ask the guests to carry with them a nice gift that they acquired that they do not like or might not use to the celebration.   Ask them to wrap the item so no person will understand what it’s far.  When anyone arrives to collect the items together and tell everybody you will have a prize public sale.

Give out $a hundred.00 in paper play money. Begin to the public sale of the unwrapped presents.   Hold up the 1st present and like an auctioneer ask who could pay $1 for the gift… Keep bids going till there may be one excessive bid.  For amusing upload gag presents and meals gadgets to the crazy public sale items so we can bid on and win more than one object.

After each person opens their offers they are able to exchange affords around or you can have them use their unused cash to buy candy or small offers.  Or have them bid and pay for who receives the first piece of birthday cake, what sport they’ll play first, what music is performed, and so on.

12: M & M Candy Challenge – Girls Party Games

You will want Skittles, M&M’s, or some other colourful chocolates. Put the goodies in a huge bowl with the girls sitting around it. Without looking everybody chooses 2 portions of sweet then puts them in her mouth … The opposite girls have to inform her if they’re matching shades or different colourations.

If the candies are the same then they could chew and swallow them … However in the event that they do not suit then she has to keep them in her mouth till her next flip. Then she chooses greater sweets and tries to get a matching set. No chewing or swallowing until two goodies are the same.

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

13: Toilet Paper Share – Girls Party Games

You’ll want a new roll of bathroom paper for this a laugh female celebration sport. Gather in a massive circle and inform them you’ll pass across the game toilet paper roll and to take as tons as they assume they to play.

Pass the paper around without any further commands and have them take sheets of paper off the roll.  After all and sundry have their sheets then inform them they should percentage one aspect approximately themselves for each rectangular of paper they have.

Girls Party Games
Girls Party Games

14: CRAZY CHAIRS – Girls Party Games

Create a circle of chairs facing inward, one for every girl gambling. Everyone takes a seat. Now you can call out specific commands inclusive of “ all girls who’ve brown hair circulate seats on your right”.

The ladies with the brown hair move, but everybody else stays in their seat. Of course, girls emerge as sitting on top of every other and hilarity ensues. They love this crazy game. If you want to feature an element of competition you could cover a winners price tag underneath one ( or a couple) of the chairs.

When all of the instructions are completed they could take a look at underneath the seats. Whoever is sitting in a winners chair (there can be a few so be prepared) receives a prize. Here is a list of command thoughts:

  • If you’ve got blue eyes to pass two seats to your left.
  • If you’ve got older siblings to circulate one seat on your right.
  • If you like pizza pass one seat to your left.
  • If you have got a birthday in the next months move to any seat you want.
  • If you have got an “A” for your first call circulate three seats to your right.
  • If you’re on the bottom of a stack of people circulate to the pinnacle of any chair you pick out.
  • If your favourite colour is pink, red, or blue flow one chair for your left.
  • If your preferred shade is red, inexperienced, or yellow circulate one chair to your proper

15: SKITTLE SCORE – Girls Party Games

Sweets and treats are all a part of the slumber birthday celebration a laugh. Pour a large bag of skittles into a massive bowl and supply each female a cup. Tell them they could have as many skittles as they need with one catch:

They have to now not touch them with their hands. Instead, you’ll also skip every girl a straw wherein they will suck the skittle onto the straw and switch it to their cup earlier than touching it. At the start of cross allow the fun start.

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