Top 13 Fun Pool Party Games For Teenagers

Summer’s call to the aqua blue allure of the pool is irresistible, especially for teenagers. The splashes, laughter and sun-soaked memories are amplified when the pool party is flavored with fun games. But these aren’t your usual pool party games – they bring a twist, much like a climactic plot twist in an iconic movie. Allow me to take you on a cinematic journey of 13 exhilarating pool party games tailored for teenagers.

13 Fun Pool Party Games For Teenagers:

 1.Octopus Tag:

Imagine an aquatic version of the game tag, with a twist that multiplies the fun with every tag.


– Begin with one person designated as it.

– This individual must tag others swimming in the pool.

– When a person is tagged, they join hands with it to form a growing octopus.

– The last untagged individual becomes the it for the next round.

 2.Greasy Watermelon

An epic challenge where teams vie for control of a slippery prize.


– Coat a watermelon with vegetable oil or petroleum jelly.

– Place it in the center of the pool.

– Divide the teens into two teams on opposite ends of the pool.

– At the whistle, teams dive in, aiming to retrieve the watermelon and carry it to their side.

– Another variant involves a musical hot potato with the greasy watermelon. When the music stops, the one holding it is out.



 3.Noodle Joust

A medieval jousting tournament reimagined in a modern pool setting.


– Each participant mounts a floating pool noodle.

– Armed with another noodle, they joust, trying to unseat their opponent.

– The one who remains afloat emerges as the victor.

 4.Sharks and Bait

A thrilling chase where baits must outswim the relentless shark.


– One person is chosen as the shark, standing in the pool’s center.

– The rest, designated as baits, begin at one pool end.

– On cue, baits attempt to reach the opposite end without being tagged.

– Those tagged transform into sharks. The last bait standing becomes the next game’s premier shark.


 5.Hot Diggity Dog

A delightful play of tag combined with strategic freezing and unfreezing.


– Nominate an it individual.

– Others float, attempting to evade it.

– When tagged, players raise their arms, freezing like a hot dog.

– Two buns can unfreeze the hot dog by sandwiching it. The game continues until everyone is either a hot dog or a bun.

 6.Speedy Duck

A race of finesse, where breath and waves propel rubber ducks.


– Each participant gets a rubber duck.

– The aim is to push the duck across the pool without physical contact.

– Waves, breath and other creative methods are permissible. The swiftest duck wins.


7.Pool Hippo Scramble

A real-life adaptation of the popular board game.


– Scatter ping pong balls in the pool.

– Players, armed with nets, vie to capture as many balls in one lunge.

– A referee keeps the tempo, ensuring rounds are fast and frenzied.


8.Beach Ball Relay Race

A test of coordination and speed.


– Teens are split into two teams.

– Using only their heads, they must push beach balls across the pool in a relay format.

– The swiftest team to complete the task emerges as champions.


9.Belly Flop & Dive Contests

A splash contest judged on style and impact.


– Participants showcase their best jumps, dives or belly flops.

– Spectators or appointed judges rate each entry. The most impressive splash claims victory.

10.Water Balloon Toss

A game of catch where the stakes are wet and wild.


– Teams toss water balloons back and forth.

– If dropped, the balloon bursts, eliminating the dropper.



A test of strength and balance.


– Two teams engage in a classic tug-of-war, with the pool as the dividing line.

– Pull the other team into the pool.



Spike, serve, and splash!


– A volleyball net stretches across the pool.

– Teams rally, attempting to score by grounding the ball on the opponent’s side.


13.Water Basketball

Hoops and splashes in a unique blend.


– Hoops are set up by the pool’s edge.

– Teams compete, shooting and defending, all while staying afloat.



 Teenagers, much like movie protagonists, are energetic, adventurous, and love a touch of drama. These 13 pool party games, crafted in cinematic fashion, promise a blockbuster summer experience. But remember, like every movie director’s primary responsibility is the safety of the cast, ensure that your pool party prioritizes safety. Let the pool be your stage, and may the splashes be your applause!

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