Mario Birthday Party Games for Kids

Our Famous 10 Mario Birthday Party Games has the best DIY sports to pull this subject off without a hitch!!!

I chose a ramification of games so that you can be certain to discover something for children a while four-sixteen. I blanketed video games that can be played interior and outdoors.

I selected activities that range from calm to energy blasters. You are certain to find something that suits the tone of your Birthday target audience. Simply pick your preferred 3-four video games and you will be set.

I cannot take all the credit score for this top-notch listing of theme video games – I searched the internet a long way and extensive to find the coolest games for this topic and I introduced some of my own.

I connected to any blogger that contributed to this list so this web page has a ton of resources for your celebration!

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

“Life is a game, kid! It all depends on how you play!”

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

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 1: Mario Obstacle Course

This idea is so awesome I wish I could take credit for it!  It is brought to you from and is definitely worth checking out.  The Mario themed obstacle course includes challenges like:

  1. Dodging the Piranha Plants
  2. Jumping over the Green Warp Pipes
  3. Stomp the Goomba’s
  4. Bowser Showdown

Some other obstacles I thought would be cool additions would be:

  1. Gold Coin Tap (hanging gold paper plates or cut circles from trees and having children have to tap each one before moving to the next obstacle.
  2. Tunnel Crawl Through Instead of jumping over tunnels you can create a tunnel using green pool noodles, tires, or a play tunnel that kids will have to actually crawl through to get to the next obstacle.
  3. Yoshi Ride Just like a stick horse, but instead replace the horse head with a Yoshi’s head and have children ride Yoshi through cones or around Piranha Plants.

I won’t include all the details of this game here because the site does an excellent job of doing that for you – just click on the pic to get all the details on how to create this awesome game yourself.

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

2: Diy Mario Bros. Cake

If you want to make your own Super Mario Brothers mushroom cake, check out this tutorial! This small cake is made from a half sphere-shaped cake and a portion of another cake round, plus buttercream and fondant.

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

3: Super Mario Brothers Party Food

You’ll be ready to take your Mario Birthday Party Games Brothers party food to the next level after viewing this awesome party. A mushroom cake, meringue cloud cookies, flower power veggie and dip platter, piranha plant inspired fruit skewers, and even Mario hats made from Babybel cheese are just a few of the creative ideas.

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

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4: Super Mario Brothers Cake Pops

Cake pops are always a dessert table favourite at birthday parties. Mario, Luigi and all sorts of characters from the Super Mario Brothers game can join your party in cake pop form.

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

5: Toad’s Scurry

Use poster boards to create five toad face cut-out red, blue, yellow, green, and pink. Place one in each corner of the playing area. Put on some music and have players dance about – BUT when the music stops everyone must choose quickly and go stand by one of the five toads.

The host will then randomly call out a colour, or draw the colour from a bag and all players on that coloured toad are out. Once there are four or fewer players then only one player per colour is allowed. Keep playing until only one player remains.

That player wins a prize or can be in charge of the music and colour calling for the next round. This game is a fun way to help the kids burn excess energy.

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

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6: Super Mario Brothers Question Mark Plates

Add a little Mario Birthday Party Games Brothers nostalgia to your place settings by creating these easy question mark plates inspired from the video game.

You’ll need square shaped yellow paper plates, slightly smaller clear square plates and question marks cut from white cardstock, sized to fit. Adhere the cardstock question marks to the yellow paper plates and cover with the clear plates.

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

7: Mario & Luigi’s Change-up Relay Race

This relay race is fun and hilarious. Players race to put on (over their clothes so they should be oversized) Mario overalls, Mario shirt (red t-shirt), Mario Hat (red cap with an M put on it), Mario Mustache (play stick on moustache).

Then they grab the plunger and race to the finish line and back where they take off the Mario clothes and pass them to the next player on their team who puts it all on and runs the race. The other team does the same (you might want to have them race in Luigi outfit) – the first team who has all their players complete the race wins!

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

8: Pin the MuStache’ on Mario

Got this idea from  Paint a picture of a moustache-free Mario on a poster board and cut it out.  Draw a moustache that fits on the image proportionately and makes copies so that each player gets a moustache.

To play simply place some tape on the backside of the child’s moustache printout, blindfold one player at a time, spin them around and face them toward Mario.

The player that gets their moustache closest to perfect wins!  Click on the image to check out the rest of her ideas for a Mario and Sonic party!

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

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9: Star Power Sandwiches

These star power sandwiches are sure to be a hit at a Mario Birthday Party Games Super Mario Brothers party. These Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches were assembled and then cut with a star-shaped cookie cutter. The eyes are mini chocolate chips.

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

10: Bowser Battle

Bowser has stolen the Birthday candy!  The kids have to trap him in the magic hoop to get him to release it!

Has an adult put on a Bowser mask (here’s a great and cheap one from Amazon on the right)  and the kids have to chase him trying to ring him with a hula hoop?

Every time he gets caught in the hoop he must throw some of the candy out to escape.  Kids keep hooping him until all of the candy is gone!

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

11: Bob-bombs Away

When I saw the Mario Party 8 minigame Bob-bombs Away, I immediately thought of The Price is Right game, Plinko. In the video game version, 3 players stand on top of a Plinko type board dropping Bob-bombs down onto the 4th player.

Our Mario birthday party game is a friendlier version in which a Bob-omb is dropped down the board to win points. I started with a (free of course) box from Walmart. It was angled down on the sides.

I lifted the front part of the back and put it down across the top angled down to the front. I attached this with a LOT of tapes and covered in construction paper that I then decorated.

Mario Birthday Party Games Across the top I put a section that had been inside the box to separate the toys it once held. At the bottom, I placed another free container this one from Pop Rocks Easter Eggs.

I painted each cup of this container with point values in each one. Then I stuck multicoloured push pins all over for the ping pong ball (painted to look like a Bob-omb) to bounce around against.

I used what I had but you could also cut out your own piece of cardboard to angle down and tape a few paper cups together for the bottom.

Each player was allowed to drop the Bob-omb down three times and then the teams total scores were added to determine the winner of this Mario birthday party game.

Mario Birthday Party Games
Mario Birthday Party Games

12: Breakneck Building

In this Mario, birthday party game players compete to see who can paint a board, hammer in nails and cut a big log first.

In our Mario birthday party game version of Breakneck Building, we timed each team painting a “board”, hammering in nails, and cutting “logs”. The team with the best time won.

For the boards, I cut regular printer paper in half and then rolled a brown crayon (with wrapper removed) across each one. Then I just drew on a little bit of wood grain detail.

The paint was just a few drops of food colouring mixed with water inside of an old sour cream container. I taped a piece of paper that I had written the word painted on and attached a metal handle on top.

The paintbrush was just a real paintbrush that I already had. For the hammering part of the game, I painted a box brown and drew on wood grain with a brown marker. I painted just the tops of nails to match each team’s colours.

I did six nails for each team. Then I pushed the nails all the way down to make sure they would be easy enough and then pulled them back up. The hammer was a plastic one from my youngest son’s tool bench.

The logs were shaped from clay and then painted brown. I drew out a saw on an empty plastic bottle, cut it out, and painted with brown and silver paint.

The teams did this Mario birthday party game one at a time with each member painting one board, nailing in three nails, and sawing off one section of a log. Each team was timed and then the fastest time was announced at the end.

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