Best 15 Independence Day Party Games

Independence Day Party Games was constantly the high-quality time whilst we have been kids, however now which you’re all grown up, it is also the best excuse to try some Fourth of July celebration video games for adults… And no longer simply because of the tasty fish fry, ice cold beers, and pyrotechnics(although, at the same time as we are on the topic, that combination of factors is a little too perfect for America’s birthday). Beer, meat, and fire are all wonderful in their own proper (#MERICA), however, how do you preserve the birthday party going after fireworks have long fizzled out? ADULT GAMES, THAT’S HOW.

Independence Day Party Games Parties as an adult tend to fall into two classes. The first being “Let’s fake that we are stylish with some cocktails and tapas,” and the second one being “Let’s get under the influence of alcohol on reasonably-priced grain alcohol like we did in college, except now we’ve got responsibilities and get hangovers so this certainly sucks.”

But, now, there is a centre floor between the 2 extremes; these games remedy the age-antique dilemma of “We’re grown ass adults, however, we still actually need to play ingesting video games.” So, escape the massive Jenga blocks and soccer flags, because these adult video games could have your friends speak to me about your Fourth of July birthday celebration for months to come.


Do you need to make certain your 4th of July birthday celebration rocks? Including a few easy and cheap video games into your plans will damage the ice amongst your visitors and make certain an unforgettable birthday celebration.  Amuse your guests with these particular video games which are sure to be a success.

Here are a few incredible amusing Independence Day video games that your ~*grownup*~ friends will love.

Independence Day Party Games
Independence Day Party Games

“Independence Day Party Games” Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement.

1: Chak De India Tambola (Independence Day Party Games)


Print out of the beneath image as in line with the variety of participant

Write numbers randomly in each of the circles with a pen as on a tombola price ticket as above.

Tambola boards and tokens.

Get more on Wikipedia

How To Play:

  • Caller desires to pick up a token randomly and phone the wide variety.
  • If the wide variety exists at the participant’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token at the board.
  • Instead of preserving early five we will preserve early three i.E one variety each in every colour
  • For early 3 players have to mention ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam”
  • When all the numbers are reduced in Saffron shade– Player have to mention ‘Rang De Basanti’
  • For White, the participant has to mention ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ and for Green colour‘ Harit Kranti Lao’.
  • For the corners, players have to say ‘Watan Ke Rakhwale’
  • For a complete residence i.E, all numbers in all colourations Player has to mention ‘Chak De India’/‘Happy Republic Day’.

2: Lawn Pong (Independence Day Party Games)

This isn’t always college anymore, kids. Beer pong is aware of no age limits (critically, ask my mother — she nevertheless beats my buddies), however now which you have your own lawn (or roof deck), you could up the pong ante with GIANT garden pong. Buy it right here, or make it your self with a touch Pinterest digging and elbow grease.

And whilst we are on the giant recreation teach…

Independence Day Party Games
Independence Day Party Games

3: Giant Jenga (Independence Day Party Games)

Basically, you are taking the classic sport out of your formative years, and make it person-sized. What should pass incorrect? Home Depot suggests you the way to make it right here. Bonus: If it rains, the fun does not must stop — just deliver the game inner!

4: Cornhole (Independence Day Party Games)

Is there any lawn game greater fratty and American than cornhole? Probs no longer. Add this traditional for your birthday celebration. Nobody may be mad.

Independence Day Party Games
Independence Day Party Games

5: Flag/Touch Football (Independence Day Party Games)

I lied. Football is probably more “American” than cornhole. To quote my favourite film, Wedding Crashers, “CRABCAKES AND FOOTBALL, THAT’S WHAT MARYLAND DOES!” Just don’t forget to the touch, no longer tackle. Seriously, do not be that female.

6: Cards Against Humanity (Independence Day Party Games)

Oh, Cards Against Humanity, the sport where you notice your friends for the soulless and gloriously evil humans they absolutely are. Make it a drinking recreation, and take a massive sip (or shot) for every 3 black cards humans “win.”

You can even make a custom deck— the possibilities are endless, however it’d be amazing to make a card announcing something alongside the strains of “That time Karen went to Cabo, she woke the subsequent morning doing.

Independence Day Party Games
Independence Day Party Games

7: Water Balloon Catch (Independence Day Party Games)

This is a superb spot for a warm day, especially if visitors are not afraid to get moist. Fill up a gaggle of water balloons, find two colanders, and divide guests into teams. Each crew selections one man or woman to “capture” the balloon inside the colander.

The catcher stands several toes faraway from the rest of their crew and holds the colander on their head. The teammates take turns tossing the water balloons in the air at the same time as the catcher attempts to capture the balloons in the colander.

If the complete team wants to get wet, play the game as a relay where the catcher returns to the crew and the thrower then will become the catcher. The crew that catches the maximum balloons wins.

8: Marshmallow Golf (Independence Day Party Games)

Appeal to the golfers on your organization with this clean recreation. Using a big bag of marshmallows, dye a 3rd pink, a third blue and go away the remainder white. This can be performed by way of dipping marshmallows into a bowl of water with food colouring after which placing them aside to dry.

Using a tee and a motive force, have guests hit the marshmallows off the tees and mark each spot the marshmallow lands.  Whoever can force the marshmallow the farthest wins the sport.

Independence Day Party Games
Independence Day Party Games

9: Printable Treasure Hunt Game (Independence Day Party Games)

Our extraordinary 4th of July printable treasure hunt will take your birthday party to the subsequent level.

This hunt allows YOU to pick out your clue hiding places so you can play everywhere.

To play download the report, open game in adobe reader (you probably already have it to your PC, but if now not you can download it for free at adobe.Com), then clearly kind your clue places wherein directed.  Print – cover your clues thus – and you are geared up to play!

Our hunt offers 10 clues that function a selection of puzzles, video games, and mind teasers that players must resolve to determine wherein the next clue is hidden.  Each clue ends in the next until they discover the ‘treasure’.

Independence Day Party Games
Independence Day Party Games

10: Watermelon Eating Contest (Independence Day Party Games)

Cut several watermelons into fourths and lay them on a desk. Hungry guests inclined to try this recreation need to maintain their hands behind their backs while they try to devour their slice of melon.

The first guest to complete their slice of watermelon without the use of their arms wins the game.

Independence Day Party Games
Independence Day Party Games

11: American History Jeopardy (Independence Day Party Games)

Make history entertaining with this instructional recreation.  Compile a listing of interesting information on Independence Day and the records of the American flag. Divide visitors into teams and read your information as statements which include, “The fifty stars at the flag are representative of this.”

Guests should solution inside the form of a question – “What are the fifty states of the United States?”  If not answered as a question, the participant does no longer get hold of a factor. The participant with the most points at the top of the game is the winner.

Independence Day Party Games
Independence Day Party Games

12: Flag Tag (Independence Day Party Games)

If you’ve got at least 8 visitors and a large place to play, that is a sport is a lot of amusing. Divide guests into groups.

Stick 5 hand-held American flags into the floor on the same distance side of each groups territory. Using cones mark a middle line to divide the area in territories.

The object of the sport is for each team to seize as many flags as they could and bring them back to their territory and stick the flagpole into their territories floor, but if a player gets tagged whilst inside the different teams territory they must forfeit any flags they’ll have on their character and sit down in which they had been tagged until they are freed by means of certainly one of their crewmates tagging them.

Play 15-minute rounds.  At the give up of every round whichever crew has the maximum flags staked in their territory wins than spherical.  Play as many rounds as you desire.

13: Balloon Pop (Independence Day Party Games)

Liven up your festive party décor and provide enjoyment by way of creating a balloon flag. Blow up crimson, white and blue balloons and use thumbtacks to comfortable them to a bit of plywood arranging them to make an American flag.

Set it in opposition to a fence as a lovely backdrop to your birthday celebration. Then while you are prepared, have visitors throw darts to pop the balloons.

14: Water Gun Cup Race! (Independence Day Party Games)

For this game you may need a purple solo cup, a blue solo cup, string or thin rope,  bushes or poles 8-12 ft aside and two decent water weapons.

Take the pink cup, cut a small hole in it and string it through your string or rope. Tie every aspect of the rope taut among the two bushes or poles. DO the equal with the blue cup by way of putting it on a new string, but ensure to tie that string parallel to the only with the purple cup.

Two players face off towards each other at a time. Start with the cups on the same quit close to the gamers. Each player shoots their water gun into the cup to propel it down the string to the opposite facet. The first player to get their cup there first wins!

15: Football Toss (Independence Day Party Games)

What a super time to toss around the old’ pigskin – truely this hobby can be done with a baseball as properly.  Purchase some hula hoops in patriotic colours (or paint them that way) and grasp them from timber in your backyard.  Assign a factor fee to each and supply each player six tosses to earn as many factors as they are able to.  It helps if you have a couple of balls.

ALTERNATIVE:  Purchase a blue tarp, reduce one of a kind length holes and shapes in it and deliver it a festive makeover with paint. Assign those factor values and play the identical.

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