Hosting the perfect hunger games themed party

While most of us cannot agree on who among Katniss, Gale and Peeta is our favourite, we all absolutely love the Hunger Games. From the books to the film adaptations, we held our breath every time the tournament began. So, if you love Hunger Games, why not host a Hunger Games party that your friends and family can appreciate. Here is everything that you will need to host your very own Hunger Games themed party.

Hunger Games themed decorations:

One of the first things to do before organising a party is to figure out the decorations. For a Hunger Games themed decoration, cover the walls with drapes. The combination of gold and black or red and orange will work wonders to add to your Hunger Games themed party allowing you to set a more drastic scene. If you are aiming for a more realistic feel for your party, try finding a Hunger Games birthday poster. You can find several online or get one printed for the party. Burn the edges a bit before you hang it, a quick call back to the intense Capitol battles. You can also add welcome posters made with symbols like the Mockingjay and hang them in front of your door. This will add a distinct Hunger Games feel to the party as well. Strategically place symbols and references from Hunger Games all across your room. These can include quotes from the film, lanterns etc.

Hunger Games themed food:

Getting the food Hunger Games themed can be a bit of a challenge. Though there are no ready-made options to choose from, there are several online videos that provide the recipes and instructions to create something akin to the type of food illustrated in the film and the books. Add labels like Capitol Lamb Stew, Peeta Bread Sandwiches etc to keep the table more exciting. As for the cake, you can always get a Hunger Games themed one baked from a pâtissier. Cupcakes can also be a great idea. Everyone loves a good cupcake so why not make it Hunger Games themed? Arrows played a huge role in Hunger Games, therefore cupcakes with a golden arrow sticking out would be a great addition to the snacks table.

Hunger Games themed return gifts:

Finding the perfect return gifts can be an intimidating task. But thanks to the internet, you can easily find Hunger Games themed mementoes and merchandise that you can use as a return gift for those attending your Hunger Games party. Return gifts make for a lasting impression among your guests to make sure you make them impressionable. There are plenty of classy but affordable options to choose from when you are looking for the perfect return gift. Choose the ones that will prompt the happy memories of the party.

Now that you have covered all the aspects of hosting a Hunger Games themed party, you are ready to throw yourself a killer party for your friends and family.

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