Top 15 Ideas For Harry Potter Party Games

Here are a few easy, yet interactive and amusing games you can play at your subsequent Harry Potter Party Games get-together.

I know that Scholastic (the American writer) has masses of paper and pencil games like crosswords and word searches on its website, but these are designed to be extra lively and interactive, to get a collection moving and questioning harry potter party games

These are activities that corporations of kids at a celebration can participate in, as well an own family this is seeking to put together a laugh recreation night time based totally on the Harry Potter books.

I’ve used the things within the Harry Potter universe to confirm a few famous games on the way to be clean to set up and fun to play. I’ve also consisted of plenty of printable so you can simply print and pass.

Here you’ll discover a laugh video games that assist you to provide you with a name that sounds “Harry Potter-ish,” a “Poly juice Potion” person guessing game, a brief manner to print out playing cards and clues for Harry Potter Bingo, and printable cards to apply for a Harry Potter drawing recreation, much like Pictionary.

Now which you have heard all about the food and invites, it is time to cowl my preferred a part of any celebration — the video games! If you’re searching out some Harry Potter celebration recreation ideas, I loved how we tied all of the video games together by way of making them distinct classes. The youngsters loved getting their report cards crammed out!.

harry potter party games
harry potter party games

Here Is The Best Harry Potter Party Games

1: Muggle Quidditch – Harry Potter Party Games

All the youngsters will enjoy playing one of the essential wizard sports inside the global. Provide every youngster with a broomstick. Divide the organization of youngsters into teams, with each having their very own intention and plenty of room to play.

Each crew tries to sweep the golden snitch (a ping-pong ball possibly spray painted gold) into the opposite team’s intention (you could strive the use of huge trash cans tilted on their side for the goals).

2: Potion Scavenger Hunt – Harry Potter Party Games

Hide exclusive substances to a “potion” and make clues to discover them. Have the kids separated into teams (homes paintings quality). Explain to them that there may be a very essential potion that desires to be made but the substances are nowhere to be found.

Give them the primary clue and it is basically a regular scavenger hunt. The first crew to discover all the ingredients, mix them up and name their potion wins residence factors or some other type of prize.

3: Pin the Scar on Harry or Pin the Tail on Scabbers – Harry Potter Party Games

The policies are similar to for Pin the Tail at the Donkey. Print out or draw a photo of Harry’s Head or Scabbers body. Then, use decal paper to print out or draw lightning bolts or rat tails, make certain to place a small range on every sticker. Pin or tape the snapshots to a wall.

Have all of the birthday party visitors draw numbers to peer what order they’ll play in. In flip, blindfold each baby and give them the sticker that corresponds to the number they drew. Spin them round some instances then allow them to try to stick the decal to the photo. The character who receives the closest to the perfect spot wins.

If you have got 10 or more guests, divide them into houses and allow every residence play, then have the winners from every residence play towards every different to decide the champion. For multiple games, you can place a sheet of clear plastic over the images for the gamers to stick their stickers too. Then, after every recreation simply replace the sheet of plastic with a brand new one and start once more.

4: Hooting Owl – Harry Potter Party Games

This is a baby birthday recreation in which Harry Potter wishes to find Hedwig. What you will want are a pitcher bottle (beer bottle, Coca-Cola glass bottle etc.) with a slender mouth and a blindfold. Start through seating all and sundry in a circle.

Then blindfold one of the children (who makes a decision to be Harry) and spin them round some instances, sitting them go into reverse within the centre of the circle. Everyone passes the glass bottle across the circle without talking and while Harry says “stop” the player keeping the bottle must blow across its mouth to hoot like Hedwig.

If Harry can wager who it is, the youngsters trade locations and preserve playing. Since this recreation includes a glass bottle, it’s exceptional that everyone is seated. (If there may be young youngsters playing this game wrap the bottle in plastic bubble wrap, or any other defensive layer so that if it falls it a gained’t wreck.)

harry potter party games
harry potter party games

5: Moaning Myrtle – Harry Potter Party Games

This is a humorous and stupid Harry Potter infant birthday game wherein the players try to outwit the birthday kid the usage of their quality moans, groans, whimpers, and sobs! Start off via blindfolding the birthday kid.

Then have the rest of the children unfold out right into a secure room (that has no furnishings, espresso tables, and many others. Or that the fixtures have been pushed near the walls); Once the kids are spread out, they must circulate from the spot they have selected.

All the children then begin moaning and crying at the same time as the birthday child roams the room searching for “Moaning Myrtle.” When the birthday kid, in the end, unearths a person, they then try to bet who it’s miles through feeling their face with their palms. If the birthday youngster is correct, the 2 switch places and the game maintains.

harry potter party games
harry potter party games

6: Harry Potter Drawing Game – Harry Potter Party Games

In the style of Pictionary, individuals pull a card after which draw what’s on it at the same time as different humans on their team try and guess what it’s far.

The individual who’s making the drawing isn’t allowed to consist of any symbols (like letters or numbers) within the drawing and isn’t allowed to say whatever while making the drawing.

The following templates have batches of playing cards for clean, intermediate, and challenging drawings. Remember to right-click on them to copy them, after which paste them right into a phrase processor or publisher. If you print them onto card stock paper, you may cut alongside the traces and have a hard and fast of cards to use.

7: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class – Harry Potter Party Games

We did this class as a set because it was the piñata. I made a Dementor (or Boggart pretending to be a Dementor) piñata for the children to hit with a massive magic wand (aka baseball bat). We had been going to try this outside and hold it from the patio, however, it became raining so we did it interior and hung it from a broomstick.

It, in reality, turned out better due to the fact my brother-in-regulation might fly it on the children and it made it look especially menacing. He was given loads of oohs and ahhs from the kids.

harry potter party games
harry potter party games

Read about on Wikipedia

8: BUTTERBEER FUDGE – Harry Potter Party Games

Now you could have the creamy, candy, butterscotch goodness of Butterbeer in fudge shape. This recipe only makes use of 3 components — white chocolate chips, a jar of marshmallow cream, and a jar of butterscotch topping.

9: HARRY POTTER FELT TIE FAVORS – Harry Potter Party Games

Everyone is aware of that at Hogwarts, students are sorted into considered one of four homes. Now your party guests can show off their new house venture by way of carrying a Harry Potter felt tie.  They make awesome favour that you can DIY the usage of this academic, some felt, hot glue, and a steel hair clip.


Transforming your party space into something that seems like Hogwarts Castle, is totally viable with this high-quality Harry Potter faux stone wall educational. Supplies needed include antique white mattress sheets, Rit Dye, salt, spray paint and a vinyl stone template (or substitute).

harry potter party games
harry potter party games

11: Race to the Quidditch – Harry Potter Party Games

Set up a relay race to your yard.

Have four teams, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff – every group standing in a line one after the opposite. Have a sign at the finish that reads “QUIDDITCH PITCH” a protracted and same distance far from all the teams.

Have one wizard from every group race wearing the golden snitch to the end line and again to their group giving the snitch to the following individual (until all the people at the group have had a flip). The crew that wins receives the House cup as a prize.

12: Charms Class – Harry Potter Party Games

I simply had a bunch of blown up balloons on this room and the children had to hold them afloat the usage of simply their wands while announcing, “Wingardium Leviosa.” This changed into by means of some distance one of the easiest games to do and masses of children said it become their favoured. Weird.

13: OUTDOOR QUIDDITCH – Harry Potter Party Games

If it’s nice out, take your Quidditch sport out of doors either with the DIY desk above or this easy DIY sport concept customary from small hula hoops and tomato stakes.

harry potter party games
harry potter party games

14: DIY SORTING HAT – Harry Potter Party Games

It’s clean enough to show an everyday paper mâché hat into a sorting hat. Find the “hat” at a Michaels or local craft shop and continue to make the face of the hat. Display it in front of the birthday celebration so your birthday celebration visitors can see what residence they belong too. As a bonus, you can use the hat for a Halloween ornament too!

15: HOGWARTS LETTERS – Harry Potter Party Games

Put your fireplace to apply. String or tape DIY Hogwarts letters collectively and feature them popping out of the hearth or along the brick of the fireplace for a tremendous and sensible have an effect on!

16: HARRY POTTER CLOTHESPINS – Harry Potter Party Games

You can put together these Harry Potter clothespins as a fun send home favour with only a few supplies! You’ll need XL clothespins, acrylic paint and a pencil (for sketching your design). Kids will love finding their favourite use for these cute characters.

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