Halloween party prizes for games

Halloween is a famous American holiday celebrated on October 31st every year by both adults and children. It is an exciting game where children dress up in various costumes and makeup and go after dark house to house, knock on the door and say “trick or treat. It is not only the favorite game for children; even adults also play these games with more interest. Costumes can be scary such as witches, ghosts, monsters, and vampires, but you can see lots of children dressed up as kings or queens. The parties were also conducted where they played games like bobbing for apples and going through a haunted house. It evolved into a day of exciting activities like trick or treating, festive gatherings, and eating treats. More fun elements will happen on the night of Halloween.

Why do we celebrate Halloween every year?

Halloween has been celebrated for around a thousand years. Today Halloween is considered a holiday and celebration for fun, especially for children. You will see about Halloween in the ancient Celtic festival as Samhain held on November 1. The souls of the dead returned to their homes; people believed it on that day. So, people dressed up in scary costumes and makeup. All saints’ days were celebrated on May 13, created by Pope Boniface IV in the 7th century CE. Later, Pope Gregory III moved the holiday to November 1.

The celebrations on Halloween day

On a festive day, children play a “trick or treat game” and take sweets like chocolates, candies from neighbors. Everyone dresses up in scary makeup then walks on the roads group; houses are decorated with bats, graves, skeletons, skulls, and zombies. The main thing that will be happening on festive days is that people go to their neighbor’s homes and play games with them, then take sweets.

Should we have Halloween in India?

Celebrating Halloween is all about dressing up scary, getting together, parties, and complicated storytelling. India celebrates different kinds of festivals, even though this is the only country that celebrates many festivals. Celebrating Halloween will give more happiness to kids as well as develop a sense of imagination and creation. India has some myths and superstitions about ghosts; this celebration helps to break this. The primary purpose of celebrating festivals is spreading happiness and celebration. Celebration is the only tool that creates more connection between people and gives more pleasure.

Tips for throwing a Halloween party for kids

  • Have fun with invites
  • Play it by age
  • Decide on duration
  • Pick a theme
  • Decorate house
  • Keep snacks simple
  • Play some games

Halloween party and game activities

Eyeball race: This is very interesting, like a lemon on the spoon. Two or more persons can play this game. The object of the eyeball race game is an egg; you should carry this egg on a spoon and walk fastly without touching and dropping it.

Capture the witch: This game may be straightforward but exciting. It is a tossing contest which means to choose head or tail before twisting a coin. If you get what you have decided, you will be the winner.

Mummy wrapping race: It is also a simple game; you have to wrap your mummy entirely in toilet paper within a set time limit.

Costume contest: A costume contest is entertaining to play. Family members play this game together. Few members should be dressed up, and others will be the voters; the voters judge their makeup and costume then decide who dressed up very well.

Jack-o-lantern face crafting: This is the most favorite game for so many people. By using pumpkins, you should make a jack-o-lantern face.

Halloween movie time: This is also very fun, which is watching scary or a holiday-themed movie at our homes with family members.

Did this information give you some ideas?

When compared to other festivals, Halloween always has a special place in our mind because all aged people can enjoy it and play this game. Celebrating festivals is only for spreading happiness as well as getting more connection with family members. It gives enthusiasm and positive thoughts. we hope that these pieces of information will be helpful for the upcoming Halloween festival.

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