Good Friday Party Games

Good Friday Party Games

Party Games

Good Friday Party Games

The right Sunday School games and activities can take a class from ho-hum I can’t wait to come back next week! Kids often learn best when engaged in creative play, and with these Good Friday Party Games, you may have the most fun of all.

You’ve got a stockpile of crafts and games you can adapt to Good Friday Party Games. We’ve also included Bible Connection ideas to help you tie activities to the day’s lesson.

Good Friday Party Games
Good Friday Party Games

Good Friday School Games

Learn the Bible

  1. If your class is memorizing a Bible verse, you can’t beat the Pool Noodle game (no water required)!
  2. Kids burn off energy while memorizing that tricky list of Biblical books with Books of the Bible Hopscotch.
  3. Books of the Bible Fishing is a brilliant way to teach the different genres within the Bible.
  4. Make connections between Bible stories with Did It Happen in the Old or New Testament? Kids place Bible character and/or story cards in the right column.
  5. Do your kids love The Action Bible? Try this matching Bible guessing game to help kids learn Biblical people, places, and things.
  6. Reach for Bible Trading Cards as fun memory tools and potential prizes.

Get to know you Good Friday Party Games

  1. A quick game of Guess Who? doubles as a class-bonding activity. Use it next time you have a few extra minutes to fill or want to help a new group of kids get to know each other.
  2. Here’s a game that requires absolutely NO supplies: gather your Sunday school class and ask a series of Would You Rather questions. You can divide the room into two sides and have students group according to their answers. A fun list of Christian Would You Rather questions includes these head-scratchers: Would you rather have seen the Red Sea being parted or Jesus walking on water? Would you rather have dinner with Moses or Paul? Have fun coming up with your own questions based on that day’s theme or your group’s particular interests.
  3. Play Switch Sides If to get your group moving and building relationships with each other.
  4. All you need is a ball of rainbow-colored yarn to play The String Game. Kids learn that while God created us differently, we’re connected to Him and each other through Jesus.
  5. After a high-energy Sunday School game, bring everyone’s focus back with a round of Silence. Kids work together to line up in a certain order, for example, oldest to youngest or by birth month. Here’s the catch: they have to do it all without talking. This game makes a great Bible connection with the story of Zechariah in Luke 1 or any other story where someone has lost the power of speech.

Laugh out loud Good Friday Party Games

  1. Sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned board game. Here are a few you might want to keep handy: Chutes & Ladders, Sorry!, and Scrabble Jr. With a little creativity, you can connect these games to the Biblical ideas you’re teaching. Get started with these ideas.
  2. You can find dozens of Bible-based trivia and card games your group will love.
  3. Try out the classic game Pass the Pigs — the Bible connection with the story of the Prodigal Son  is irresistible!
  4. Do you have some Star Wars fans in your group? Their new favorite game is going to be Who Said It: Yoda or Proverbs? You can buy this online, or create one yourself from a list of Yoda quotes and verses from Proverbs. This game makes a great Bible Connection with Proverbs, but it can also be a discussion starter on the difference between Christianity and other belief systems.
  5. For a Bible Connection with the parable of the lost sheep, try Finding Your Flock. All you need are some colored cotton balls.

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