Funny halloween party games for kids

Trick-or-treating is normally the highlight of Halloween, with all the emphasis on getting dressed up in a nice kids costume, walking out with a bucket, and not returning until it’s full of Halloween candy.

With loads of laughter and eerie surprises, these Halloween activities for kids will keep the day rolling. Some are designed for toddlers who may be too little to stay up for trick-or-treating, while others may be utilised for tweens and adolescents at a Halloween party, and there are certainly a couple that the whole family can enjoy. Best of all, many of them double as Halloween crafts, allowing everyone in the family to express their creativity and imagination.

Donut Eating Competition

You’re missing out if you’ve never competed in a donut-eating contest! You’ll want to perform some “doughnut testing” ahead of time to ensure you have a durable donut, but this is a fun game for both Halloween and birthday celebrations. I swear that if you can get the adults to participate, your stomach will hurt from laughing so much!

Witch Hat Ring Toss girls adore this type of activity.

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Set up a ring throw using witch hats as cones for a simple, enjoyable game for kids. Cut the centre out of paper plates to make your own rings.

Bowling with Dracula (Tin Can Bowling Halloween Game)

Children’s Halloween Games

This Halloween game is inexpensive and suitable for all ages of partygoers. Save your cans and either paint or cover them with scrapbook paper with a Halloween theme. I can’t decide if the actual bowling or decorating the cans is more enjoyable! This sweet corn bowling set is an appealing choice for a Halloween party game if you don’t have time to paint cans.

Halloween Party Games for Kids: Marshmallow Toss (marshmallow toss party game)

You can use little marshmallows and paper cups or huge marshmallows, and some of those dollar shop tin buckets would also be fantastic!

Halloween Pumpkin Chucking Game for Kids (Halloween Themed Bean Bag Tossing Games)

Tossing Toilet Paper Halloween-themed game

Another low-cost Halloween game for your gathering. This one is particularly suitable for toddlers. It’s simple to assemble because the pumpkins are simply toilet paper wrapped in felt, and the baskets can be found at your local craft or Dollar Store! B-Inspired Mama has all the details.

Pin the Witch Cat’s Tail On (And Other Pin-The-Tail Halloween Games)

Children’s Halloween Party Games (pin the tail on the cat party game)

A party game like “pin the tail on the donkey” is always a hit. Here’s where you can get one on Amazon. Or, as demonstrated in this Harvest and Halloween Entertainment Book, construct your own Pin the Tail on the Cat Halloween game.

Bingo for Halloween (Free Printable)

Halloween Bingo is a great game for youngsters to play during a Halloween party.

Halloween Bingo is always a hit, and I especially like it for Halloween parties in the school or playdates. There are a plethora of free printable Halloween Bingo cards available online, but if you don’t want to go to the trouble of printing enough cards for a large gathering.

Relay Race in Old Costumes

Halloween is approaching, and we’re getting ready for it.

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A relay race with a twist is the theme of this Halloween game. The team that can change into and out of their Halloween costume the quickest wins. If you have a smaller group, have individuals compete to see who can get the closest without going over.

Word Scramble for Halloween

Creating the ideal Halloween décor

Getty Images/Jacob Wackerhausen

Encourage your visitors to use their imaginations to make new words out of Halloween terminology. This is an excellent game to play before the party finishes or in the classroom to sneak in some educational activities.

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