Fun Kids’ Party Balloon Games

Here is a few youngster birthday Party Balloon Games thoughts your kid and his/her visitors will love!

Have masses of prizes for the winners. These Party Balloon Games are exceptionally played outdoors!

Party Balloon Games
Party Balloon Games

Here is the best Fun Kids’ Party Balloon Games

“Easy Teams – Party Balloon Games”

The kids must line themselves up from shortest to tallest – BUT they may be no longer allowed to talk! They can also use gestures etc. However no talking. Once covered up, permit change youngsters to leap forward. This is one crew – the youngsters remaining in line is the alternative team.

“Nose the Balloon – Party Balloon Games”

Let the children make groups of. Each team gets a massive balloon they need to blow up. Between them, they must keep the balloon inside the air bumping it only with their noses. Each time it falls to the floor they lose a point – every crew beginning with say a hundred factors. The crew who takes the longest to free all its points is the winner

“Pass the Balloon – Party Balloon Games”

Each group gets a sausage balloon they need to blow up. Line the teams up, giving the child in the front each a balloon. They have to squeeze the balloon between their knees, balloon pointing forward. On the phrase go, the kids need to skip the balloon to the following child in the line, without the use of hands and without losing or popping it!

A dropped balloon must be picked up the usage of knees only. A popped balloon is replaced with a brand new one, however, the team must start once more. Have prizes for the winning group.

Party Balloon Games
Party Balloon Games

“Stomp the Balloon – Party Balloon Games”

Each child gets a balloon and a bit of string about a yard long. They ought to blow up the balloon and tie the string to the balloon and to his ankle. There should be sufficient string between the foot and the balloon. The kids ought to now attempt to stomp and pop every other’s balloons. The winner is the ultimate one with an unpopped balloon.

“Balloon Relay – Party Balloon Games”

Each crew gets 10 balloons. The first one to head in each team must blow the balloon up, then run to a marked line after which pop the balloon by sitting on it or stomping it. Once the balloon has popped they have to run returned and tag the following crew member who repeats the system. The winner is the team who has popped all its balloons first.

“Toss the Water Balloon – Party Balloon Games”

Kids stand face to face in pairs protecting one water balloon per pair. They toss it to each different. After each a hit toss, they take one step returned. The pair whose tossing distance is the greatest, without dropping the balloon, is the winner

“Have a Popping Balloon – Party Balloon Games”

Kids in pairs stand in a line, again to again. Each pair has a balloon held among their backs. On “pass” they ought to try to pop the balloon the usage of simplest their backs. The first pair whose balloon pops is the winner. Play until all balloons are popped.

“Balloon Number Game – Party Balloon Games”

Kids stand in a circle all numbered from one onwards. The child with the best range is going within the middle. He holds a balloon, shouts a number of and throws the balloon up into the air.

The youngster whose range become called must seize the balloon before it touches the ground. He or she then repeats the manner. Whoever fails to trap the balloon is out. Have a parent throw the balloon when most effective 2 children are left.

Party Balloon Games
Party Balloon Games

“Water Balloon Relay – Party Balloon Games”

Divide kids into teams. Provide each crew with a number of water balloons. (At least one balloon according to the crew member) The first one to head in every crew have to vicinity a water balloon among its knees and hobble to the finish line, losing the balloon in a bucket without the usage of fingers.

He/she then runs again to the crew, tags the next youngster and the technique is repeated. If the balloon is dropped the child should snatch it with the aid of hand, run returned to the start and start throughout. The triumphing crew is the only who manages to get the maximum balloons of their bucket.

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“Catch that Balloon – Party Balloon Games”

One of the best things about balloons is that they are not easy to catch. And that is precisely what makes them so much more desirable. This is one of the cutest fun balloon games for kids, aged five or less.

Type: Outdoor game

What you’ll need:

One big balloon, you can have a few more handy

Number of players: Five to ten

How to play:

  • Stand in the centre and have the kids stand around you.
  • Pick one balloon, toss it into the air and call out a kid’s name.
  • The child should try to catch the balloon before it hits the ground.
  • Other players should not touch the balloon unless their name is called.

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