15 Best Easter Party Games For kids and Adults

If Easter Party Games gets your children excited enough to hop like bunnies, then allow them to!

Easter Party Games  These Easter Party celebration video games are a five-way to let them hop, leap, pass and dance their way through this springtime celebration.

These 15 amusing Easter video games are the precise way to welcome spring! With games such as Easter egg relays, Easter minute to win it games, and greater, there’s something for everybody! Great Easter games for youngsters and adults alike.

You spend hours filling eggs, growing a diversion to sneak out and cover them all… the egg hunt itself is over in 10-15 mines tops.  Now what?

Whether you are planning your preschooler’s Easter celebration at a college or want a few Easter thoughts to burn off those chocolate bunny highs, those Kids Easter Party Games are positive to do the trick!

Throw an Easter birthday party to remember with crafts, sports, and eggs pediments for youngsters. Fill hollowed out Easter eggs with confetti and let the children destroy them on the ground.

Set up an impediment route that ought to be completed at the same time as maintaining an egg consistent at the spoon the entire time (eek!). You will virtually locate us gambling egg bocce ball within the front backyard come Easter Sunday.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

All you need are these Easter party games for your holiday to be a success! Celebrate!!!

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

1: Egg Commands (Easter Party Games)

Before the party, write down several silly commands on small pieces of paper, fold them up and vicinity them inner of coloured, plastic eggs. Make sure you’ve got as many eggs as you’ve got gamers.

Divide kids into teams. Assign one adult to choose per crew. Fill one basket for every crew with the plastic eggs. On the word, “pass!” the primary player from every group ought to race to the basket, pick an egg and carry out the command.

The judges have to determine if the command is finished, and while it’s miles, will signal the participant to run back and tag the next player in line.

If a player can’t whole a command after attempts, she should location it returned inside the basket and go back to the again of the line. The first group to complete all in their egg instructions wins the game.

Some egg command pointers include:

  • Hop like the Easter bunny.
  • Shake your bunny tail.
  • Name three varieties of Easter sweet.
  • Juggle
  • Roll around as an egg dropped at the ground.

You can also upload props to the sport to make the commands goofier. For instance, supply more than one bunny costumes that youngsters should wear while appearing their obligations.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

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2: Basket Head Relay Race (Easter Party Games)

Divide children into teams. Set up a race direction that starts and ends on the same spot. Along the path, place coloured eggs in as many spots as you’ve got players. Have one player from each crew stand at the begin/finish line.

Give those gamers a basket. Then, have one participant from each crew stand at the intervals wherein you’ve positioned the eggs. When you signal the start of the race, the two gamers at the beginning line must position the baskets on their heads and hop like bunnies to their closest teammates.

Their teammates will pick out up the eggs and area them in the baskets. The baskets are then handed off to the waiting players, who additionally placed them on their heads and hop like bunnies to the following set of players.

The race maintains with the accumulating of eggs and handing off of the hampers to the next players. The first team to accumulate all in their eggs and hop with the baskets on their heads to the end line wins.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

3: Don’t Spring Break “Two Player Game” (Easter Party Games)


  • Plastic eggs
  • Jelly Beans

How to Play:

This recreation is performed like a water balloon toss. Have one player from every team line up in a horizontal line then have their teammate stand to face them in a parallel line.

Give every team a plastic egg full of Jelly Belly beans. One teammate will toss the egg to the other teammate and they have to capture it without breaking it.

If they drop the egg or destroy the egg and spill the Jelly Belly beans out of it, they’re out. After each toss, one of the teammates need to take a step returned and that they toss again. The final team to drop the egg wins.

Downgrade for Younger Kids:

Instead of using a plastic egg with jelly beans inner, use foam eggs like these rather. If they capture it, they take a step back and toss again. If they drop it, they stay in which they’re at. Whoever catches it as soon as is a winner!

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

4: Easter Basket Egg Toss (Easter Party Games)

Up first, an Easter Basket Egg Toss.  Set an Easter basket inside the centre of the gambling place. Position every toddler equidistant from the basket with the same range of plastic eggs.  It is beneficial for every baby to have a single colour, so after they leave out, they could chase down their own eggs.

Children have a natural tendency to throw overhand – encourage them to toss the egg underhand to present them extra aim and manage. Whoever gets all their eggs into the basket first, wins!

Mixed ages? Have kids stand 1 foot far from the basket for every yr old they may be.  Or add extra eggs to older children buckets.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

5: Egg Hop Relay Race (Easter Party Games)

Easter fun is simplest a hop, pass, and a jump away with this sport! Start by using dividing every person into pairs. Each pair of players receives large egg cutouts crafted from cardboard or heavy cardstock.

The first teammate stands on one egg and the second one locations the alternative egg cutout at the ground in front of the primary. The first teammate “hops” to the second one egg. Repeat this manner, shifting toward the end line until you go.

The first group to finish wins! As a brought bonus, let the babies colouration the eggs with their personal designs.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

6: Capture the Egg (Easter Party Games)

Get prepared for a little friendly opposition with this amusing tackle “Capture the Flag”. Divide all of your players into groups. For this game, you’ll need 8 eggs, 4 each in two one-of-a-kind hues.

Have every team select a colouration after which line up their eggs on their stop of the field. Each group needs to try to capture the other team’s eggs and bring them to their side of the field without being tagged by means of a member of the opposing team.

If a player is tagged by using an opponent, they are out. To win, a team have to correctly capture all the different team’s eggs, or ought to have the ultimate man status.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

7: Jelly Bean Race (Easter Party Games)

Fill two baskets every with an equal quantity of jelly beans. Place them aspect-by-side on a table. Divide gamers into two even teams. Have the groups line up behind a place to begin this is numerous feet far from the jelly bean desk.

Give every team an empty basket and a spoon. The first player in line for every crew have to race to the table and area as many jelly beans as they could on their spoons. They need to then race lower back and sell off their jelly beans into the empty basket and hand the spoon off to the subsequent player, who has to do the equal.

Play continues on this way till one crew has transferred all in their jelly beans. If a runner drops any jelly beans within the direction of the race, they ought to go back and start over.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

8: Blind Taste Test (Easter Party Games)

Challenge their flavour buds at the same time as delighting the ones candy tooth with this amusing Easter game. Before the game, accumulate numerous unique forms of Easter sweet.

Cut them into small pieces to make it more difficult (in addition to restriction the quantity of sugar intake). Blindfold gamers and provide them with a flavour of each piece of candy. As they taste, ask them to identify the call of the candy.

A player rankings one point for each accurate bet. The participant with the best rating after all of us has had an identical amount of tries is the winner.

This recreation also can be played with jelly beans only. Choose expansion of the gourmand flavoured jelly beans and feature children wager the taste of every.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

9: Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt (Easter Party Games)

Before the party, acquire units of gadgets you might find in a traditional Easter basket. Hide the objects across the yard or birthday celebration area. Divide players into teams and supply them every a listing of the gadgets they must find, such as the baskets.

Start them off with a clue to the whereabouts of the basket, that will use it to carry the final items. You can also depart extra clues to the remaining items at each hiding spot. The undertaking is to be the primary team to return with all the items on your basket.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

10: The Fox and the Eggs (Easter Party Games)

Can you outfox your fellow Easter fanatics? This game is the right manner to discover! One participant is the fox and the others are Easter eggs. Before the game begins, each egg decides what colour they’re going to be and keeps that colour desire a mystery from the fox.

The eggs then face the fox, who guesses colours one by one. If the fox guesses a participant’s colour, that participant need to run a fixed direction earlier than rejoining the alternative eggs within the domestic base “basket”.

The capture? The fox chases the egg, similar to “Duck, Duck, Goose”! If the egg makes it returned to the basket, she or he chooses a new shade and play keeps. If the fox tags the egg earlier than she or he returns to the basket, that player turns into the new fox.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

11: Easter Bonnet (Easter Party Games)

Have kids sit in a circle. Play song and have them skip around an Easter bonnet. As every player receives the bonnet, he needs to put it on his head, then takes it off and bypass it to the following player. When the song stops, the participant wearing the bonnet is out.

That player needs to have her photograph taken sporting the bonnet before giving it again to the circle for play to retain. Make this game, even more, a laugh with the aid of adorning the Easter bonnet in as innovative or stupid a fashion as you can.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

12: Musical Easter Baskets (Easter Party Games)

This game is based on the concept of the classic, Musical Chairs, however with an Easter-themed twist. Instead of lining up chairs, line up Easter baskets, making sure you have got one much less than there are players.

Play “The Bunny Hop” and feature kids hop around the baskets because the music plays. When the tune stops, every child has to choose up a basket. The participant left without a basket is out, any other basket is removed, and play continues this way until only one player stays.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

13: Decorate an Easter Tree (Easter Party Games)

To make your Easter tree, you can place a block of foam (found inside the floral phase of craft shops) in an ornamental pot, after which “plant” a small tree branch within the foam. Cover the base of the foam with synthetic Easter grass.

Have the kids beautify cardstock paper that has been reduced into the shape of eggs. They can use adorning gadgets inclusive of crayons, coloured markers, rubber stamps, stickers, and glitter. Punch a hole in each paper egg and feed a length of ribbon via so as to hang their egg ornaments at the tree.

14: Plastic Egg Race (Easter Party Games)

Divide the birthday celebration of visitors into two teams. Line them up and fill the palms of the primary players in keeping with plastic Easter eggs. Those gamers have to stroll or run to a delegated spot a few ft far from the starting line, then turn around and return to their groups.

If a participant drops any of their eggs, they should forestall to select them up (trying now not to drop any greater within the process). Upon returning to their teammates, players have to pass the armload of eggs to the subsequent players in line. The race maintains until all of the players have carried the eggs. The first crew to finish the relay race wins.

The distance of the relay and amount of eggs positioned in the youngsters’ arms will depend upon the age of the gamers. You need to offer them sufficient eggs to make it an undertaking without being too overwhelming.

Easter Party Games
Easter Party Games

15: Easter Egg Decorating Station (Easter Party Games)

What Easter celebration would be complete without colourful eggs and sweet? An egg redecorating station with each tough-boiled and plastic egg “canvases” is the best manner to unharness your creativity.

Encourage your little artists to get resourceful by way of supplying a variety of artwork tools which includes paints, brushes, glue, glitter, and conventional egg-dying kits. Adults can get in on the amusing by supporting children to make special styles. Add a little friendly opposition through maintaining a vote at the first-class layout!

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