Hilarious Baby Shower Party Games

Everyone loves a bouncing baby, however now not anybody loves Baby Shower Party GamesWe, in reality, don’t! So if you are like us and are searching out video games that are decidedly sparkling and amusing, we have put together some significantly unstuffy options a good way.

These a laughing Baby Shower Party Games are perfect whether you’re planning a baby sprinkle, searching out coed child shower recreation ideas, or simply conventional baby shower games! They’re precise, clean to set up, and amusing for everyone to play!

These toddler shower game ideas are guaranteed to have everybody guffawing before they move home! And as a brought bonus to these specific baby shower video games, there are also tons of thoughts for toddler shower prizes to present out to the winners!

Here are the Top Hilarious Best Baby Shower Games-from Party video games for all to you!

Baby Shower Party Games
Baby Shower Party Games

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1. Don’t Say, Baby

Mum’s the word when it comes to saying ‘baby’! Get this great icebreaker started the moment your guests walk through the door. As you greet each guest, give each a diaper pin to wear on his or her shirt.

Once all of your guests have arrived, tell everyone that they can’t say ‘baby’ for the duration of the shower (or until it’s time to open presents). If anyone hears someone else saying the forbidden word, he or she can steal the rule breaker’s pin.

At the end of the game, the person with the most pins wins a gift.

Baby Shower Party Games
Baby Shower Party Games

2. Onesie Decoration

Mom can never have too many onesies for her new baby. Help decorate them with a fun message or colourful design.

Instructions: Everyone gets to decorate a onesie for the new baby with washer-safe markers and paint. Stretch a onesie over a piece of cardboard and decorate away.

Baby Shower Party Games
Baby Shower Party Games

3. Clay Baby

Channel your inner child and get creative with some moulding clay.

Instructions: Grab some different coloured packs of moulding clay and give your guests ten minutes to create the cutest baby they can. Then have everyone vote on the best-looking baby or have mom-to-be pick her favourite.

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Baby Shower Party Games
Baby Shower Party Games

4. Bottle Chug

Chugging through a bottle like an infant could get messy, so you might also need a bib!

Instructions: Break everyone into teams. Each team has to “chug” a liquid (of your choice—it can be water, milk or even beer) from a baby bottle through the nipple. Whichever team finishes first wins. Make sure no one tries to cheat by unscrewing the top!

baby shower games ideas
baby shower games ideas

5. Feeding Time

Trying to feed each other blindfolded is hard enough. Now try it with a time limit. This classic baby shower game can also make a mess, so be prepared.

Instructions: Have the shower guests partner up and blindfold one member. The other gets to wear a bib. The blindfolded one then has one minute to feed her partner a whole jar of applesauce. Then switch! Whichever team can successfully feed both members under two minutes wins.

6. Guess the Baby Game

Pink cheeks and rosy memories abound when you play this game at your baby shower. You’ll need to set the wheels in motion as you send out invitations to the shower. With each invite, include a note instructing guests to bring along a picture of themselves as babies.

As each guest arrives, assign a number to each picture and post it up on the wall. Have each guest guess which picture corresponds to each guest. After everyone is finished cooing over the photos, give a prize to the person with the most matches that matched up!

7. Baby Items in the Bag

Keep guests guessing with this practical game. Put at least ten common, useful baby items inside a diaper bag; a bib, teething ring, rattle, bottle and diaper are just a few goodies that are also fairly inexpensive.

Give each guest a pen and paper before passing the diaper bag around. Without looking, each person should stick a hand inside the bag and identify as many items as possible. Give each two minutes to feel around and make their guesses before moving the bag to the next person.

Once everyone has had a turn, find out who had the most correct answers. The winner gets a prize and the parents-to-be get the diaper bag filled with baby essentials!

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8. Mommy and Daddy’s Secrets

If you’re looking for a fun, yet touching, baby shower game for your coed baby shower, you’re in luck (though you can always adjust the game to fit a shower just for the girls).

Ask the mom and dad for answers to twenty questions-make sure to do this with the significant other nowhere in sight! Some great questions include, “Where were you when you heard the news?”

“Do you want a girl or boy?” and “If you could have your way, what would you want your child to be when he or she grows up?” After you quiz each and record their answers, bring both into the room and put the future parents on the hot spot one at a time.

Ask each to guess the answer their partner gave to each question-before polling the audience to see who thinks the answer is correct. Everyone’s a winner with this lively game!

9. Baby Sketch Artists

Who knew paper plates could be this much fun? Pass out sturdy paper plates and markers to all of your guests. Let them know they’ll be drawing a picture of the baby, and the best sketch will win.

The catch is that everyone has to draw with the paper plate on her or his head! It’s a hilarious sight-and the finished drawings are guaranteed to have everyone in stitches.

10. Dirty Diapers

An icky dirty diaper is no one’s friend-but what if the gooey centre is actually candy? Funnily enough, it’s still gross with this nutty baby shower game! Place several types of melted chocolate candies in newborn-sized diapers (or folded napkins).

Make sure you have many types and consistencies represented: milky, creamy, nutty, caramel-filled, and the like. Pass the diapers around and have each person sniff and lick the gooey ‘poo’ centres in order to guess which brand of candy bar is in each diaper. The person with the best nose for chocolatey-tasting ‘number two’, wins!

11. Guess the Baby Food

If you’ve ever thought that baby food in jars looks less like the ‘peas’ or ‘carrots’ they purport to be and more like miscellaneous mush, this is the game for you. Gather seven to ten unique flavours of baby food jars, number each lid and tear off the labels.

Ask each guest to grab a spoon and start sampling! The guest with the keenest taste buds wins a prize for getting the most correct.

12. Guess the Mother’s Measurements

Pregnancy is perhaps the only time in life that it’s socially acceptable to go up to a woman, rub her belly and comment on the expanding size of her waistline. So why not have fun with it?

Pass around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors. Tell each guest to cut off a length of string that they think corresponds to the size of the honoree’s belly (make sure no one is cheating by measuring their own or a friend’s waist!).

When everyone has a piece of string, invite each person up to try his or her luck measuring the mom-to-be’s belly. Whoever has a string that comes closest to being a perfect measurement, wins.

13. Drink Up, Baby!

Whether you’re planning a daring couple’s shower or a tame for-all-ages party, this game is always a hilarious hit. Fill baby bottles with the beverage of your choice-beer for the guys at a grown-ups’ party and apple juice for the kids at a family baby shower.

Then, give everyone a bottle and on the count of three, they must suck the bottles dry as quickly as possible. The first person to down the contents of his or her bottle wins.

14. Diaper Derby

On your mark, get set, go! Divide your guests into teams and hand each team a roll of toilet paper. Give the teams five minutes to wrap a team member up in a mock diaper.

The team with the most creatively diapered ‘baby’ wins. There’s something so outrageously funny about grown adults in hastily assembled toilet paper diapers-your guests won’t be able to stop laughing!

15. Bobbing for Nipples

This suggestive game is the hands-down favourite among males at coed baby showers. Set up a row of large buckets of water and drop some baby bottle nipples into each.

Each guest must get down on his or her knees-hands behind backs-and bob for as many nipples as they can grab in two minutes. When the buzzer goes off, the person with the most nipples wins.

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16. Man vs. Clock

In this version, one player will be trying to beat the clock for each game. So for instance, they will have to try and get all of the sprinkles from one bottle to another within a minute (hence the Minute to Win It).

If they do, they win a prize. If not, let someone else have a shot. If you go with this style, I recommend choosing a different person for each game.

17. Bottle to Bottle

Fill one baby bottle (long skinny bottles like these work best) with sprinkles then put a piece of double-sided tape or paper with a medium size hole in it over the opening of the bottle (no nipple). Take another bottle and put it upside down (so the two openings are touching) on the other bottle and tape together.

Players must transfer sprinkles from one bottle to the other bottle to win. Some of the sprinkles will likely get stuck on the tape but the majority of them should be able to make their way through to the other bottle.

18. Birthing Babies

You’ll have a roomful amusingly anxious faux parents-to-be with this ‘ice melter’ game. The night before your shower, freeze a bunch of ice cubes with tiny plastic babies in the centre (available at any craft store).

When guests arrive, drop an ice cube into a cup of water and present to each person. As time ticks by, the ice begins to melt and the baby is closer and closer to its due date!

Whoever has a baby first, wins. Or, change it up by asking people to correctly guess how long it will take for their baby to be born.

19. Baby Price is Right

Bob Barker isn’t the only one who can set the stage for big wins! Buy 10 to 12 baby items you think the parents-to-be will need. Use blank note cards to write the price of each item on one side and the item itself on the other.

Gather guests together and play it just like the TV show: each guest must guess the price of the items on the cards, and the person with the highest total-without going over-wins. Best of all, the parents-to-be get to keep the handy baby items used for the game.

20. Place The Baby On The Mommy

Pin the Tail on the Donkey has nothing on this screwball take on the classic party game. Blow up a poster-sized picture of the mom-to-be standing with her pregnant belly in profile.

Blindfold each guest and give him or her a cutout picture of a baby. After a couple of spins, each guest must walk to the wall and pin the baby on the mommy. Whoever gets it closest to the tummy, wins.

21. Sloppy Diaper Relay

Ah, if only diapering were a team sport. Olympic trials, here you come! Set up several diapering stations complete with dolls swaddled in diapers. Break guests up into teams, hand out a blindfold to each and set your timer.

When you give the word, teams must take turns taking the current diaper off the doll and placing a new one on as fast as possible-all while blindfolded! The first team to complete the diapering challenge wins the gold.

22. Feed The Baby

Get ready to regress! You’ll have guests drooling food, making messes and laughing uncontrollably with this baby shower game. Give each person a large bib and divide the party into teams of two.

Each team is given a jar of applesauce and two small spoons. One team at a time, you’ll blindfold the pair and have the team members feed the applesauce to one another at the same time.

Clock each team’s time. The fastest duo to finish their applesauce wins. Of course, the best part is watching everyone spill and dribble all over themselves!

23. Baby Shower Onesies

Get a Lil’ crafty at your baby shower with this great practical idea. Buy enough onesies (multiple sizes) to give one to each guest. Stretch each across a piece of cardboard and pass them out at the shower along with fabric paint and miscellaneous baby-safe decorative elements.

Then, invite everyone to tap into their creative sides by painting a onesie masterpiece designed specifically for the bundle of joy. Once dry, the future parents will have practical works of art to cherish.

24. Diaper Raffle

On average, newborn pees and poops enough to go through 70 diapers per week. Crazy, but absolutely true. That’s why this simple game is such an amazing gift for the parents-to-be.

Include a note with your baby shower invitations letting guests know that you’ll be raffling off an amazing surprise prize at the baby shower. All they have to do to get a raffle ticket is bring a package of diapers with them-and the more diapers they bring, the more raffle tickets they get!

On the day of the shower, diapers will be crammed into every nook and cranny. Long after the party, the grateful parents will give silent thanks with each fresh diaper they use.

baby shower games funny
baby shower games funny

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25. Tinkle in the Pot

If you’ve ever been pregnant-or spoken at length to anyone who is-you knows that running to the bathroom every thirty seconds is just par for the course. This game lets guests experience this funky side effect in a fun way.

Line up some jars on one side of the room. On the other, have guests line up with a balloon and a quarter. Everyone should blow up the balloons and stuff them under their shirts.

Then, they place the quarter tightly between their knees and race to the jar-holding the coin tightly as they waddle as fast as they can. Once at the jar, the contestant must ‘pee’ in the jar, dropping the coin neatly through the opening.

The first person to make all of their potty runs will win the prize. For an outdoor race, give each person water balloons to hold between their knees as they shuffle across the lawn-be careful not to let your ‘water break’!

baby shower games ideas
baby shower games ideas

26. Baby Dec-a-Cake

Before the shower, bake a batch of cupcakes, dropping in a single miniature plastic baby in one random cup. At the shower, bring out the platter of undecorated cupcakes-without letting on that one is secretly ‘pregnant’-and give all guests a supply of frosting, candies and baby decorations.

After everyone has decorated their own unique cupcake, the mom-to-be chooses her favourite and the winner gets a prize. Then, just as guests are about to devour the baked goodies whole, let everyone know that whoever finds the baby is next in line to have her own!

baby shower games gifts
baby shower games gifts

27. Baby, the Price Is Right

Supplies Needed: Paper and pens.

How the Game is Played: Compile a list of many common items that baby will need, such as diapers, wipes, bibs, etc.  Call out each item to the guests and have them mark down what they think the current retails price is.

At the end of the list, have them add their answer. The guest with the closest total – without going over – wins.

Baby Shower Party Games
Baby Shower Party Games

28. Baby Bump

A classic baby shower game, try to see who can guess the size of the mom-to-be’s belly!

Instructions: Passing a ball of yarn around the office, have each guest cut off a strand that is long enough to fit around the mom-to-be’s belly.

After everyone is done cutting their strands, take turns measuring the mom-to-be’s belly with the strands. Whoever has the closest measurement wins!

Baby Shower Party Games
Baby Shower Party Games

29. Baby Ice Cube

For this fun game, you’ll need to plan ahead. Buy small baby figurines and freeze them in ice cubes the night before.

Instructions: The night before the shower, freeze plastic baby figurines so they can be used as ice cubes. The next day, give every guest a ‘baby ice cube’ to add to their first drink at the same time. Whoever’s ice cube melts first has to yell out “My water broke!” to win this game.

Baby Shower Games
Baby Shower Games

30. Guess the Baby Item

Supplies: Brown paper bags with a letter on the outside and baby items that begin with that letter, paper, pencil.

How the Game is Played: Guests must guess what items are inside each bag. The one with the most correct answers wins

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